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Introducing products to the new market requires adjusting documents and labels to the applicable regulations and/or getting an authorization.  Products must also be presented and advertised in accordance with specific legal requirements, which are often very different in several regions of the world.

We are EU company placed in Ireland and operating in European market.

Highlights of EUROPEAN UNION:

  • Economic and political union of 28 member states
  • over 500 million citizens
  • over 20% of global GDP
  • Free movement of people, goods, services and capital

Highlights of our Experience:

  • Provided service to over 200 manufacturers of leading brands
  • Introduction of hundreds cosmetic and biocidal products on the European market (PIF with CPSR, CPNP, authorization of biocidal products and others)

Beauty Insight Associates LTD closely cooperates with specialists from several countries, in the field of toxicology of substances, safety assessment of products, law specialists and accredited testing laboratories.  We have our own safety and a legal department which constantly follow legal acts and regulations regarding the cosmetic and biocidal products.

We are also ready to support your regulatory compliance and take on the role of the Responsible Person within the UK.

Our objective is to provide a hassle-free service to our clients to enter in European Market!

Our objective is to support manufacturers and importers of skin care, make up, biocidal or food products on every stage of placing the products to the new market and with regulatory compliance of their ingredients, active substances as well as finished products and provide support that will ensure survival in these markets.

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