Main group 1: Disinfectants

These product types exclude cleaning products that are not intended to have a biocidal effect, including washing liquids, powders, and similar products.

  1. Human hygiene:

Products In this group are biocidal products used for human hygiene purposes applied on or in contact with human skin or scalps for the primary purpose of disinfecting the skin or scalp.

  1. Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals:    

Used for the disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment, and furniture which is not used for direct contact with food or feeding stuff. Usage areas include, inter alia, swimming pools, aquariums, bathing, and other waters; air conditioning systems; and walls and floors in private, public, and industrial areas and in other areas for professional activities.

Used for disinfection of air, water not used for human or animal consumption, chemical toilets, wastewater, hospital waste, and soil.

Used as algaecides for treatment of swimming pools, aquariums, and other waters and for remedial treatment of construction materials.

Used to be incorporated in textiles, tissues, masks, paints and other articles or materials with the purpose of producing treated articles with disinfecting properties.

  1. Veterinary hygiene:

Used for veterinary hygiene purposes such as disinfectants, disinfecting soaps, oral or corporal hygiene products or with anti-microbial function.

Products used to disinfect the materials and surfaces associated with the housing or transportation of animals.

  1. Food and feed area

Used for the disinfection of equipment, containers, consumption utensils, surfaces or pipework associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) for humans and animals.

Products used to be incorporated into materials that may enter into contact with food.

  1. Drinking water

Products used for the disinfection of drinking water for both humans and animals.


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