Responsible Person


As per European cosmetic regulation, every product placed on the European market must have a “Responsible Person”. For each cosmetic product placed on the market, the Responsible Person shall ensure compliance with the relevant obligations set out in the EU Regulation.

Let Beauty Insight Associates Ltd be your Responsible Person!

  • We are an experienced partner for Importers and Manufacturers
  • We support all the process of introducing skincare and makeup products at the European Community market
  • We take over the responsibility for all the required documentation and represent your importers in front of the local authorities

RP by default:

EU Domestic product – For Products manufactured in Europe, by default a responsible person would be Manufacturer.

Imported Products – Importer would act as responsible person for all the imported cosmetic products.

Role of Responsible Person:

  • Responsible for Safety and legal compliance
  • Shall maintain Product Information File (PIF)
  • Shall notify the products to CPNP prior to placing the cosmetic products on the market
  • Prepares necessary documentation and safety report
  • Ensure the composition of the product in accordance with the current restrictions
  • Ensure that the product is manufactured in accordance with the GMP rules
  • Shall provide EU-compliant labeling
  • Ensure that cosmetic products are not tested on animal
  • Provide control authorities access to relevant information and documents.
  • Report to the relevant authority’s information about serious adverse reactions caused by the use of cosmetic products
  • Answers consumers doubts

Beauty Insight Associates Ltd provides professional consulting and fulfilment of all the above requirements while maintaining optimal costs.

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