Responsibility of the RP

The Responsible Person must know many laws that regulate the placing of cosmetics on the market.

Before placing the cosmetic on the market, it must ensure compliance with the provisions of Regulation 1223/2009 / EC, including:

  • ensure that the product is safe (Article 3) and that the safety assessment of the product has been carried out (Article 10),
  • ensure the composition of the product in accordance with the current restrictions (Articles 14, 15 and Annexes II-VI),
  • ensure the completion of product documentation (Article 11), including the preparation of a cosmetic product safety report in accordance with Annex I of the Regulation,
  • ensure that the product is manufactured in accordance with the GMP rules (Article 5),
  • application of the cosmetic to the European database – Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) (Article 13),
  • ensure correct labeling of the cosmetic product (Article 19), including in the language of the country in question,
  • ensure the truth and reliability of the declared properties of the product (Article 20),
  • ensure compliance with the ban on testing of the finished product and ingredients on animals (Article 18),
  • provide public access to information about the composition of the product and cases of illness (Article 21),
  • report to the relevant authorities information about serious adverse reactions caused by the use of cosmetic products (Article 23),
  • provide control authorities access to relevant information and documents.


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